TA Web Site Log:

A log of changes made to this site


Wow, it's been a long time since I've updated the site log (or the site, for that matter...)

Updated IrelandVR to now use quicktime embedding system needed for Windows2000 and later. (Nobody complained about it until I started putting up (privately) some spherical panos.)

Along the way in the past 3 years, I've updated my resume quite a few times, as I go through the rocky road that is the Silicon Valley economy.....


Updated the Exponential Alumni Page. I sent out an e-mail to all who had their address on the page, and if it got mail errors, I took out the mail address. If the mail address was the only contact info for the person, I eliminated the person's entry.


Cleaned up some panoramas and pictures in Ireland VR, took out a face (avoiding copyright issues), and updated my resume.


Cleaned up skanky panoramas in Ireland VR, and added a Java version of Ireland VR for those who can't run QuickTime.


Put some filtering on Ireland VR's JavaScripts to disable them on pre-Javascript 1.1 browsers (they caused error dialogs)


Found and killed a Javascript bug (introduced 3-23....) in Ireland VR


Added hidden page counters in Ireland VR to track viewer "endurance"


All new start for TA Web:

Site now has its own domain (www.taweb.com);
Every page now hand-written HTML (or my own generator);
Rad-improved look (while still keeping the old flavor);
Ripped out any Z28 related gripes (time to move on, dammit!);
Added "Friends" section;
Rad improvement of any Ireland related content;
Added Episode 3 of Bill & Lee's epic, and added navigation;
Added new recipes from Mom;
Updated Resume;
anti-spam encoded e-mail addresses (web-bots would collect them for SPAM);
and a host of other things....I'm going to go get some sleep now!

If I had to put a version number on the site, I think it finally hit release 1.0


I killed the Violent Film Society, and cleaned up the home page a bit


Added pages on my visit in '96 to Ireland's Craggaunowen Project

Added new QuickTime VR panoramas to The Ugly, temporary QuickTime VR page and improved the existing panoramas


Added QuickTime VR shots to Travels page


Page awakens from the dead...
Added names toExponential alum page


Started Travels Page (It needs lots of visual re-work...)
Posted Bill & Lee's Michigan Upper Penninsula Story:

Episode I, and
Episode II

Added names to Exponential alum page


Did a little re-arranging on the home page for space efficency
Started Violent Film Society Page
Wrote up 3 reviews for VFS:

The Dirty Dozen,
The Fifth Element, and
(anti-review) The English Patient

Added names to Exponential alum page
Changed a graphic on Z28 page from GIF to JPEG
Added a 2nd page of pictures to Z28 area
Added anti-California AAA commentary to Z28 area
Moved graphics to "images" directory


Fixed problem with Exp logo on alum page....
Added names to Exp alum page
Changed link color on some pages for legibility
Various Allignment tweaks


Started using Claris Home Page 2 for building pages
Made changes to front page (giving it basic structure)
Added Exponential Alumni Page
Added my resume
Moved spinning camaro off to its own page
Deleted swaying sax (will come back for Jazz/Sax Page)

If I had to give the site a version number it would be at: 0.2a1


Initial creation of site
Creation of Banner, Spinning Camaro, Swaying Sax