Off The Top March '99

So, what's this site is about?
TA Web is my personal web site. It's been around in a different form for over a year and a half. Unfortunately, it was slipping in and out of coma lately....because I was hard at work on the total re-write you see here.

TA Web now has a form that makes it much easier for me to "pour" in new content, and for you to find and enjoy it. It also looks one hell of a lot better. (I call the visual theme "Bauhaus meets Pompous"....)

Goals of TA Web   So, TA Web is:

  • A place to put my regular and panoramic photography;
  • Tales of my (and my friends') travels;
  • Updates on friends (& enemies);
  • A place for friends to put their own content;
  • My practice field for web software and UI design; and
  • Anything else I need a web site for.

TA Web won't be updated on a regular schedule, but if you'd like to receive an e-mail when I post an update (you could call it "subscribing"), please use the feedback form.

You can also use the feedback form to, er, give me feedback -- some of which I'll respond to here.

To kick things off, here's an e-mail from my Goodrich friend Dave (regarding the old TA Web):

Checked out TA's website the other day. Maybe someone could help me but I couldn't seem to find the secret link to the Republic of Texas embassy or Jerry Springers secret comment page for that matter.I guess I'll keep looking. (...) -Dave

Well, at the old TA Web, we couldn't have cared less, but at the new and improved TAWeb, we're damn eager to please! Here you go, Dave:

Republic of Texas Embassy
Jerry Springer's Secret Comment Page

And We're Off... 
I hope you enjoy this update -- some of it's articles are related to things on the old site, but finally done right. The next update will bring more new content, including a report from my trip to El Salvador, and more tales from Bill.