Friends Update (March '99)

Everybody's having kids! Apologies to those that sent pictures months the time it took me to get this web site prepared, some of these kids have completed post-grad work....

Goodrich People

Amy Gooch and her daugher Kaley

Amy Gooch (Gratsch) is married to Jim Gooch and lives in southeastern Michigan. They had a daughter, Kaley, in October '97. (Bill reports that Kaley likes to play chess and watch Barney videos.)

The Garzas

Here you see new family man Leandro Mateo Garza, with his wife Kathy and his new son Adam Thomas Garza. Little Adam was born in November, 1997. Lee is now in negotiations with the Gerber Corporation for the rights to his "garzagorp puree" baby formula. The Garzas live near Chicago.

Billy & Lav, Christmas '97

Bill Gratsch would like to report that he is now engaged to his girlfriend Robin. We have no indications yet on whether this will inhibit his intrepid adventures. Bill now lives in Chicago.

Jon Lawniczak got his MBA from University of Michigan in 1997. He now works at the large consulting firm of Deloitte & Touche, where he....well...frankly, who really cares what happens at large consulting firms? Whatever he's doing, he's doing it in southeastern Michigan

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